Sun, sex and scandal in Black Diamond

A set of twin babies wind up in a South African orphanage after their parents are killed. Lola is strong and beautiful and quickly adopted by a famous American actress. Grace is sickly… Continue reading

8 Fantastic Book Quotes

Sometimes you read a novel and you come across a sentence, a phrase, a thought, and it gives you pause. Maybe the author has used language in a unique/unusual way or revealed a… Continue reading

Nicole Amarteifio talks sex and African cities

Since it launched in March 2014, the web series An African City has attracted thousands of online viewers and scored a ton of critical acclaim for its bold approach to sex, its multifaceted… Continue reading

Summer Reading Black List

It’s summer. Unless you’re truly unlucky you have a few days of freedom coming up. While you’re lounging in the sunshine, sipping on that Mai Tai, you should read a book. Here are… Continue reading

The problem with Ghana Must Go

Taiye Selasi’s Ghana Must Go is not a page-turner. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, sometimes it helps to take breaks while reading a book, it gives you the mental space to process… Continue reading

When Zadie met Chimamanda

In March 2014 Zadie Smith sat down with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to discuss Adichie’s award-winning novel, Americanah. The conversation, (held at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture), was just as fascinating… Continue reading

2014 Black Reading Challenge

There’s nothing like a reading challenge to get your creative juices running. Maybe you have a list of authors you’ve been longing to try, or you’d like to discover some new voices. You… Continue reading

Melancholy and magnificent: The Twelve Tribes of Hattie

I found I couldn’t read The Twelve Tribes of Hattie as a straight shot. The narrative was so relentlessly bleak I had to take the odd break to remind myself that joy exists… Continue reading

Beyoncé quotes Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on new album

Beyoncé’s new self-titled album has succeeded in surprising the world not only in its unexpected appearance, but also in the choice of collaborators. Specifically the inclusion of excerpts from the speech, We Should… Continue reading

10 things you never knew about rock star author Malorie Blackman

Malorie Blackman has written over  60 books, was appointed Rock Star of All Things Bookish – ie Children’s Laureate – in June 2013, and has now added a little icing to all that… Continue reading