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10 Tips for Living Your Best Life at the Aké Arts & Book Festival

October 2018 was blessed. After years of longing, the stars finally aligned and I was able to pull together the funds and time to attend the Aké Arts & Book Festival. I’m only a little biased when I state with (Nigerian) pride that Aké is a bright jewel in the literary calendar. The four-day festival was friendly, well organised, inspiring and thought-provoking. What more can you ask for?

Jaipur Literature Festival 2013

I’m late for the start of the Jaipur Literature Festival. I’m trying to decide between jeans and a light summer dress for the Indian winter sun when I get a call on my hotel room phone. “Are you still coming?” asks a member of my book club, “we were supposed to leave at 9.30am.” It’s 9.50am and the other 11 members of the Asian Authors Book Club have been waiting on the mini bus for 20 minutes. I throw on the summer dress. Luckily traffic moves quickly through Jaipur’s roads and the Diggi Palace venue turns out to be a short 15 minute ride away. We hustle through the huddles of khaki-dressed police – loaned to the festival after the latest round of Salman Rushdie-related death threats – through the metal barriers that seem to assessorize every Indian tourist venue and are finally tumbled into the heart of the festival. There is colour everywhere. This is India so that goes without saying, but the festival organisers have branded Jaipur 2013 in a hot pink and …