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21 British Children’s Authors (of Colour) You Should Know

In July a writer friend posted a link to the report: Reflecting Realities – A Survey of Ethnic Representation within UK Children’s Literature 2017. The report was created by the CLPE (Centre for Literacy in Primary Education) and aimed to explore the extent and quality of ethnic representation in children’s publishing in the UK. The results were dire. The report concluded that of 9,115 children’s books published in the UK in 2017 4% featured BAME (black or ethnic minority) characters 1% had a BAME main character

Malorie Blackman calls for more diversity in publishing

I was startled to read a tweet today saying Malorie Blackman had closed her Twitter account after a deluge of racist messages. Here’s what happened. The Edinburgh International Books Festival was held last weekend and in her capacity as children’s laureate Malorie Blackman did the media rounds talking up UK books, but also highlighting the lack of ethnic diversity in children’s publishing. She told Sky News that a lack of diversity in books can discourage children of colour from reading and make them feel excluded: “I think there is a very significant message that goes out when you cannot see yourself at all in the books you are reading. “I think it is saying ‘well, you may be here, but do you really belong?” A sub editor at Sky decided to title the story with the provocative and inaccurate headline: Children’s Books ‘Have Too Many White Faces’ says Malorie Blackman, which was all the invitation the internet trolls needed. Malorie received an avalanche of racist criticism on her Twitter feed. And responses to the story …